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Expert advice

Because of his longstanding experience and background, Donald Gabriels, chairman of Ganda Publi Productions (see about) is contacted regularly by private companies and by presidents of courts of justice for assistance and advice.


Expert advice to courts of justice

Since more than 25 years advice is given to different courts of justice. Those courts of justice of cities, mainly in Flanders, were supported with advice to solve problems and discussions related to:

-problems of soils and substrates in agriculture, horticulture and gardening

-drainage problems in farmlands, pasture and construction sites

-off-site and on-site erosion, water runoff, sediment transport, mudflow and sediment deposition.

-Substrates and compost

-Damage to soils, plants and crops

References: Courts of Justice of Ghent, Oudenaarde, Bruges, Dendermonde, Zomergem, Ieper, Veurne



Expert advice for construction of natural grassfields

Experiences were gained during several decades of research (in field and in the laboratory) on the

construction of toplayers of natural grass(football) fields Soil samples were taken from toplayers

of pitches in Belgium and United Kingdom. From the soil analyses of those fields the so called

GANDA CRITERIA were developed. Presentations and seminars were given at institutes,

football stadiums and golf clubs in Belgium and abroad. The experiences gained were presented in

the ETS (European Turf Society) Field Days in Ghent, Belgium 2011.


-presentations in the football stadiums of Oostende, Genk, Den Bosch (Netherlands), Lokeren

-presentations in the golf clubs of Breda (Netherlands) and Sint Martens Latem (Belgium)

- Soil samples taken from toplayers of football pitches of Anderlecht, Deinze, Ghent, Manchester United, Queen Park Rangers, Bolton Wanderers, West Ham, Wimbledon

-Organisation of ETS ‘European Turfgrass Society) Field Days in Ghent,

Belgium 2011

-Participation at ETS Congresses and Field Days in Valencia (Spain), Monaco and Kristiansand (Norway), Ghent (Belgium).

-Master thesis at Department of Soil Management, Ghent University

Davy Ottevaere (2000) (in Dutch): Soil physical and soil mechanical characteristics for the playability

of soccer fields


Expert advice for the construction of synthetic grassfields

The good performance of a synthetic grass fields for football and hockey depends not only on the

grass toplayer but also on the physical and mechanical characteristics of the underlayers.

Expertise is gained through the cooperation with the Department of Textile of Ghent University

who owns a FIFA accredition for testing the synthetic grassfields worldwide.



Expert advice for the construction of vineyards

Wine growing becomes more and more popular in Flanders, Belgium. New fields are layed out. Research on the chemical and physical characteristics and on the micro-climate conditions of vineyards in Heuvelland, Flanders is carried out. Advice is given to new vineyards established in the river Scheldt valley near the city of Ghent


-Master thesis at the Faculty of Biosciences Engineering, Ghent University 2015 (in Dutch): Variability of soil characteristics of vineyards in Heuvelland: characterisation and evaluation of a ‘terroir’. (Emma Tavernier)

-Article in ‘De Boarebreker’ (magazine for gastronomy and tourism) (in Dutch): Heuvelland has an excellent wine culture (Donald Gabriels)



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